Bonus Lesson-The Divinty of Food

"When the food a person takes into his/her body is

wholesome & pure, the bodily experience is pleasant.

When a person generates thoughts that are wholesome and pure,

the mind is healthy & a person's experience in the physical world

is positive."

~Dr. Marc Halpern


Video 1: Food Is God/God Is Food

"Worship the body with your whole body as a rosary, take the name of the Compassionate One.

Let twins be your worship.

Your fast, acknowledgement of the One.

Your creed, the confession of the Self alone."


Video 2: Balance Is Dynamic & Constant

"A plot of land, seen from an aerial view, is divided into different areas for plowing & planting. We cannot live without working in the fields. We cannot know the Tao without cultivating ourselves."

~Everyday Tao-Deng Ming-Dao



Video 3: Summary

"Human beings are just a stomach on two legs."

~Shelly Trimmer


All Things Ghee

From the ancient Aryuvedic text called Charaka on Ghee:

"It is promotive of memory, intelligence, vital fire, semen,

vital essence (ojas), kapha, and fat.

It is a cuttative of Vata, Pitta, fever and toxins."


In the Kitchen:

Video 4: Ghee Sadhana


Video 5: Making Ghee