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Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

One of the greatest classical text from the yoga school of Indian philosophy is the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, written in the second century B.C. These “threads” (sutras) on yoga are concise in stating essential points and techniques. They give us the base elements to living a life that leads to spiritual union.

The teachings focus on reminding ourselves that our true self is the soul and that our identity is an illusion to be overcome.


Applying Ancient Wisdom in

Today's World






While these teachings are valuable beyond measure, studying and utilizing them in today’s world can be somewhat challenging. Most of these ancient teachings come to light through extended study and contemplation.


The reality for most of us is that we may not take the time needed to align with these philosophies. Even then, once studied, we may not understand how to apply them to this life experience of technology and fast-paced worlds.


In this course, these wise directives become more understandable as they are viewed from a format that most of us can relate to. Camella is a mother, a householder, a swami, a yoga teacher, and just another soul making her way on her journey. Her take on the sutras sheds a whole new light and brings more depth and meaning to these wise words.



Cooking the Yoga Sutras
About the Online Course

A 12 Lesson Online Video course demonstrating how the Science of Yoga can be applied to practical veryday life.









By using the kitchen and cooking as a metaphor for the ancient yogic teachings, those who have found them a bit elusive will be able to connect to the simplicity of these teachings. This online course of 12 vital lessons takes a meaningful and down-to-earth approach to some of the philosophical aspects of Patanjali’s yoga system.

Cooking the Yoga Sutras

“I am food, I am food, I am food,

I am the food eater, I am the food eater, I am the food eater,

I am the sound maker, I am the sound maker, I am the sound maker,

I am the first-born of the cosmic order,

Earlier than the deities, in the navel of immortality,

He, who gives me, he indeed saves me.

I, the food, eat the eater of the food.

I have overcome the whole world.

I am the brilliant Light.

He who knows thus knows the secret teaching.”

Taittiriya Upanishad

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Special Note From Camella:

"Many teachers would advise students to read Book 2 of Patanjal's Yoga Sutras before Book 1,

as Book 1 talks about enlightenment but not the sadhana of how to achieve it.

In Book 2, however, we learn what he states will remove the obstacles in our lives; Kriya Yoga. And this is why I choose these sutras  for this course.

Kriya Yoga is the lineage that I have been initiated into as a direct disciple and ordained in as a Swami, in order that I may carry on the oral yoga tradition of teaching all sincere seekers who wish to mature.

This is my dharma."

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