Lesson Eleven

2.11 dhyanaheyastadvrttayah

The fluctuations of the hindrances are to be destroyed by meditation

Video 1: We Find Time to Do What We Value

"A person without a mystical technique is lost."

~Shelly Trimmer





Video 3: Full Attention Without Tension

"In the center of the castle of Brahman, our own body, there is a small shrine in the form of a lotus flower, and within can be found a small space, We should find who dwells there, and we should want to know him."

~Chandogya Upanishad


Video 2: The Peace Principle

"He who knows, O my beloved, that Eternal Spirit where-in consciousness and the senses, the powers of life and the elements find final peace, knows the All and has gone into

the all."

~Prasna Upanishad


Video 4: Summary


Lesson Eleven Homework

  • If you have a regular meditation practice, think about areas that you need to refine.

  • If you don’t have a meditation practice, think about starting one, and start it at the next new moon. Five minutes is a great start. You pick the when and where.

  • Start to slow down your breathing pattern so that you can allow the pauses to fully express themselves. Practice this a few times a day at anytime, maybe as you are cooking.

  • Practice savasana and restorative yoga, make notes in your journal. How do you think they can help you to develop or deepen your meditation practice?

  • After practicing the techniques in Video 4, journal any insights you may have.

In the Kitchen:

Video 5: Cheese & Chive Souffle


Lesson Eleven Recipe

Cheese & Chive Souffle

In this sutra, we looked at meditation as being a way of attenuating the kleshas.

For that, we need to implode away from the surface mind.

What implodes…….well, a souflee does and people get terribly upset when it does.

Watch your mind!