2.12 klesamulah karmasayo drstadrstajanmavedaniyah

Lesson Twelve

The vat of karma is rooted in the kleshas and brings varied experiences to this and future lifetimes.

Video 1: We Need to Break Bread With One Another

"The average earthling's life is absolutely nothing but a chronological manifestation of the karma inside the mind stuff and the external environment in which he lives"

~Goswami Kriyananda

Video 3: We Are Not All Blind & Toothless Down Here!

"After I depart, I cast no look behind,

Still wed to life, I am free from care,

Since life and death in cycles come and go,

Of little moment are the days to spare.

Thus strong in faith I wait, and long to be

One with the pulsings of eternity."

~Po Chu 800 A.D.


Video 2: Do That Which Gives You Joy!

"They say that I am dying, but I am not going away, where would I go? I am here."

~Ramana Maharishi


Video 4: Summary


Lesson Twelve Homework

Record your thoughts in your journal, and review them periodically, see if anything changes.

  • What has the main area of karma been for you in this lifetime? Is it harmonious or inharmonious?

  • Where, if anywhere, did your mind become agitated with the course or course content?

  • Try to maintain your meditation practice. At least five minutes a day.

  • What karma are you creating in this lifetime, consciously or otherwise?

  • Do you feel that you have made sacrifices for anything?

  • Where would you like to incarnate next time, and how would you choose to spend it?

In the Kitchen:

Video 5: Honey & Black Bean Tofu Stir Fry


Lesson Twelve Recipe

Honey, you will remember, is what we are using as a reminder of the doctrine of karma

being rooted in the kleshas.  Like karma it has no shelf life.