The five kleshas are:

forgetfulness, egoism, attachment, aversion

& will to live

2.3 avidyasmitaragadvesabhinivesah klesha


Lesson Three

Video 1: The Obstacles Are...

“Whatever he perceives with his eyes, nose, tongue, skin, ears, that he should contemplate within himself”

~Condensed from Yoga-Shasta

Video 3: Creation & the Five Elements

“Eye, ear, mind, tongue, and touch; skin, flesh,

muscle, marrow, and skeleton; and

the five vital forces constitute the body.

The sage contemplating these sets of five discovered

That everything is holy.”

~Taittiriya Upanishad

Video 2: Eastern Philosophy Considerations

"Consciousness is a preconditon of being"


Video 4: Summary


Lesson Three Homework

  • Look at the hindrances in this sutra and note in your journal specific areas where you need to improve. Choose one a week to work on and journal your findings.

  • Is it the same area that those closest to you would think?

  • What do you not want in your life anymore?

  • Choose three ingredients and make three new dishes that you have never made before.

  • Try to think about and write down what one thing you want to accomplish in this lifetime.

  • What is stopping you?


In the Kitchen:

Lesson Three Recipes

As you make the pastry, think about the obstacles to enlightenment that need to be attenuated before we can progress further on the spiritual path.

Forgetfulness of our true nature, egotism, attraction, aversion and will to live on in physical body.

The recipes in this section are:

Nut Roast en Croute

Mushroom/Cranberry Gravy

Stir-fried Brussel Sprouts with Sliced Almonds

Garlic Mashed Potatoes


Video 5: Nut Roast en Croute with Mushroom Cranberry Gravy, Stir-fried Brussel Sprouts with Sliced Almonds, and Garlic mashed Potatoes


Video 6: Cooking Video-Continued