Forgetfulness is taking that which is temporal to be permanent, that which is impure as pure, that which is paniful as pleasant and the non-seer as the Self!

2.5 anityasuciduhkhanatmasu nityasucisukhatmakhyatir avidya


Lesson Five

Video 1: We Are Humpty Dumpty

"Food is in truth the Lord of creation. From food seed is produced and from this beings are."

~Prasna Upanishad

Video 3: Take Off the Glasses of Maya

 “There are two forces, the outgoing energy and the transforming energy which are of great potentiality and power, and whose form is happiness. The great maya when non-intelligent and material, has three attributes; rhythm, energy and inertia.”

~Siva Samhita 1:79

Video 4: Summary


Video 2: We Need to Becoome Responsible

"The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced."

~Van Der Leeuw


Lesson Five Homework

  • Imagine yourself as Humpty Dumpty on the wall and sit quietly for a while in reflection.

  • Imagine the egg falling to the ground and into a certain area of your life. Which area would that be?

  • Journal why you think that came up for you. Try to be as honest as you can with yourself.

  • Try consciously cooking with eggs this week and journal any thoughts you may have.


In the Kitchen:

Video 5: Homemade Mayonaise


Lesson Five Recipe

The Cosmic Egg

Eggs are a complete food.  Purnam is the sankrit word for this. Picture your movement into the world as an emergence from the cosmic womb of matter itself, and then cook yourself something delicious with eggs. If you are vegan eat a chocolate egg or  find another symbol that works for you. Meditate upon the concept of coming into the word as whole and complete and then getting smashed to pieces. The whole journey is one of coming back together once again but more balanced. How has your life experience shape your journey back to being whole?