2.7 sukhanusayi ragah


Lesson Seven

a.) Become attracted to that which gives us pleasure

b.) "Attachment is the state of ignorance or forgetfulness, and thus clinging to a memory of enjoyment."

~Goswami Kriyananda

Video 1: Attraction

“Therefore I say unto you, what things

so ever ye desire, when ye pray,

believe that ye receive them and ye

shall have them."

Mark 11:34

Video 3: Detachment

Living in the house amidst husband and children, but being free from attachments to them, practicing yoga in secrecy, a householder even finds marks of success. She lives in blissful happiness.

~Adapted from Siva Samhita

Video 2: Attachment

"There are only two afflictions in life; getting what you are attracted to and getting what you are attached to."



Video 4: Summary


Lesson Seven Homework

  • In what ways are you selfish?

  • What is a noble desire and how can you incorporate one into your life?

  • Upon waking, notice how long it is before you think about food.

  • Do you see any repeat pattern to your desires?

  • If you were to skim through a magazine, what pictures/articles would you be attracted to?


In the Kitchen:

Video 5: Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding


Lesson Seven Recipes

Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding

This is an adaptation of Delia Smith's adaptation of Larkin Warren's recipe.

It is amazing warm with thick cream but also nice cold.

The hardest part is having to wait 2 days to eat it. It gives us a chance to plan and also to watch

themind. You could replace the brandy with Marsala, dark rum, or whiskey.

Nice enough to serve for the best of friends gatherings....if you can share it!