Lesson Ten

When these obstacles have become weak, they are to be severed

2:10 te pratiprasavaheyah suksmah


Video 1: The Ongoing Battle

"By tapas, the power of meditation, Brahman attains esxpansion and then comes primeval matter."

~Mundaka Upanishad

Video 3: Cooking the Pie of Life

"In order to have perfect health, a person must be firmly established in his or her higher self, that part of each person that is connected to God."

~Dr. Marc Halpern


Video 2: Enlightenment is Our Birthright

"God is found in the soul when sought with truth and self-sacrifice, as fire is found in wood, water in hidden springs, cream in milk, and oil in the oil fruit."

~Svetasvatara Upanishad


Video 4: Summary


Lesson Ten Homework

  • How do you learn anything new? Reading, visually, etc. Record thoughts in your journal.

  • What would you go to war for, and why or why not?

  • Whose buttons do you push and how can you change that?

  • What country or civilization would you like to study and why? Then, Begin!


In the Kitchen:

Video 5: Baked Apples Stuffed with Incinerated Grapes


Lesson Ten Recipe

Lesson 10 discusses the need to sever the obstacles in our lives as they become weak. Grapes are severed from the vine. In this recipe, we will be using dried grapes, or raisins as the symbols for this sutra.