Sample Lesson: In each Lesson, you get the following:

2.4 avidya ksetramuttaresam prasuptatanuvicchinnodaranam


Lesson Four

Ignorance or forgetfulness is the source field of all other obstacles which are active, dormant or suspended or altering

Sanskrit & Translation of the Sutra

Video 1: Know Thyself

“The carrier of this consciousness is the individual who does not produce the psyche on his own volition but is, on the contrary, performed by it and nourished by the gradual awakening of consciousness during childhood.”

~Carl Jung

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Lesson Four Homework

  • Take a look at the soups in the recipe section. Note their qualities and how they have been linked in this session to the qualities of the kleshas.

  • Make one soup each week and meditate upon the quality linked to the soup.

  • Note your findings in your journal.

  • Do you have any thoughts that keep replaying over and over again that are negative or destructive?

  • Have you tried to, and/or can you stop them? (Imagining opposite symbols can help)

  • I am a _________________________. (fill in the blank)



In the Kitchen:

A Cooking Video

Lesson Four Recipes

This lesson talked about the 4 types of qualities of the klesha’s or obstacles

to enlightenment: 

1. Dormant      (baby food consistency)

2. Feeble attenuated   (miso soup for the yogi)

3. Growing expanding uncontrollably   (cleansing/nourishing mung bean soup)

4. Alternating between growing, dormant and feeble (big soup with various textures added)

Video 5: Butternut Squash Soup


A Sutra to Food Reference
Cooking the Yoga Sutras
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