Cakes, Bread & Love!

Love, more than anything they say, is a smell.

Close your eyes and try to think about which aroma is the most satisfying for you, and why that is so. For me, no matter which continent I am on, it is the smell of freshly baked bread or cakes. It defines the culture of wherever I am, and tells me a lot about the people and things that are important to the locals; and what they

want is not so different after all.

I recently visited the Spanish Island in the Canaries known

as La Palma, and from experience on mainland Spain, was

not looking forward to the bread during the trip. Actually,

with the entire buzz about carb free diets and the like, and

the onset of middle aged spread, I was actually looking

forward to a brief and easy sojourn from my favorite food


From the first breakfast however, we were treated to a delicious array of crusty baguettes, crunchy rolls and seeded domelike delights that only needed dressing with locally churned butter. I was home.

There is a process in bread-making known as leavening, that causes the bread to rise before it is cooked. In some cultures and in some religions however, breads that are flat and symbolize the un-inflated ego consciousness.…guess what? Still delicious bread! I have munched on chapattis slathered with ghee in India, and sat in the garden of local Turkish people as they have made bread in front of my eyes in the ground.…all delicious!

They are all symbols for me that evoke a sense of being nurtured and loved. Not surprisingly, I come from a line of great bakers. Both my mum and my grandmother were great pastry cooks and the love of my life began his career pounding dough in his restaurant.

Little wonder then that I have this intimate relationship with bakeries, bread and cakes.

We move out and explore the world through our sense organs. The nose is linked to the root chakra that can tend to evoke fear within us if we don’t have balance in our lives. Little wonder that we tend to gravitate towards smells that bring us pleasure rather than pain.

Try to think for a moment about what smells are meaningful to you, and why, and then perhaps which smells you are averse to, and why.

We are talking about food.

We are talking about our life and how to improve it.

We are talking about cooking the yoga sutras……join me in the kitchen.

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