Digesting Ancient Wisdom

Many people come to yoga via the physical discipline of hatha yoga. It is a great place to start, but at some point we start to ask ourselves important questions about our life, and want to find ways to improve it. I think that this can be where an intentional spiritual practice can start to germinate, and we can remold what is a very fixed set of prejudices and loyalties that are within us all. It does not have to be that difficult if we bring the teachings consciously into something we do every day like; shop for food, cook and eat!

The “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” is an ancient text that many yogis become familiar with. Making the teachings come alive in our daily lives on practical basis however, can be a little challenging. Success comes with “Constant practice and continued dispassion,” Patanjali "seasons" throughout the yoga sutras, which indicates that we need to live our practice, and not just practice it a few times a week.

We are immortal, and as such can never die. What then would you do for the rest of eternity if you became enlightened?

To try to understand, and more importantly embody the teachings takes time. As we have all the time in the world mystically, why not have fun with 12 vital sutras that can change your concept of what you thought the yoga sutras could be about?

Avidya is, of course, the basic reason we are all here. We have forgotten our true nature or we would not be here. Most people cannot remember what foods they have eaten at the end of the same day, and so, how can we remember how to bring the teachings alive in our life, chew them over and digest what is meaningful?

This is why I created the online course, “Cooking the Yoga Sutras” which is just was just launched last weekend at the Sedona Yoga Festival. The video teachings are supplemented with recipe ideas that help us to ingest the teachings as we use food as a metaphor for the sutras.Elephant Journal has published 12 articles regarding the in depth course. Here is one of them to give you an idea of how I incorporate food and cooking into one of the most important spiritual yoga teachings. http://www.elephantjournal.com/2012/03/attraction-and-the-human-experienc-camella-nair/

Camella will be also be presenting "Cooking the Yoga Sutras" at the Bermuda Yoga Festival this April


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