A soup for our time

Our lives have never been the same.

Social distancing and becoming more aware of developing resilience during this pandemic is a quest for us all. In-spite of that, we need to feed our body and try to remain calm.

This simple soup that has root vegetables as its main ingredients, can remind us of a need to have a powerful connection to our earth. In yoga, we may focus on poses that connect the heels and/or sit bones to the earth.

I hear emotional people ranting about how our World is being challenged, and yet I honestly beg to differ.

Our World is not in anguish!, but people in it may well be.

This was a major teaching of Goswami Kriyananda (Temple of kriya Yoga - Chicago)

To break free of the 'poisons' of the human mind, which are rooted in fear at the Muladhara Chakra or base of the spine, we could perhaps become more aware of our need to connect to our Earth. Now more than ever.

The root Chakra is associated with the earth element, Saturn force planetarily which is constrictive by nature, and avidya or unawareness in the system of yoga.

It is the location along the axis mundi that once awoken and balanced allows pranic (life force) energies to rise from unawareness to greater awareness, in consciousness.

Leek and Potato soup was, and still is one of my Dad's favorite soups, yet is surprisingly easy to make. This is a good thing, as hopefully we are all shopping for groceries less these days and need to utilize what we already have to make nourishing and interesting meals for our families.

It could not be simpler;

Sweat 3 chopped and well cleaned leeks in a nob of butter and dash of olive oil

When wilted, add some fresh or dried oregano leaves along with generous amounts of sea salt, ground black pepper and a bay leaf or two.

Add stock. Organic chicken stock is more flavorful but vegetarian stock could also be used. Also add a tsp of bouillon if you have it. Again chicken or vegan.

Leave to simmer for about 20 mins and then blitz with a wand blender a little bit to make the soup thicker but not so much that it resembles baby food.

Discard the bay leaves and check the seasoning and soup consistence before serving.Serve with nice crusty bread. Soda bread is very quick and easy to make and does not require yeast.


Black pepper is great for cultivating agni or fire in the belly. An anti-inflammatory.

Bay leaf has vitamin C, A, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Organic chicken stock. The bones of stock break down into collagen that may help joint health.

Oregano high antioxidant, may help fight off bacteria and viruses.

Leeks sources of vitamins A,C,K and iron.

Potatoes has potassium, vitamin C and fiber.

With many people being too much in their heads, worrying about things, it is good to get a firm foundation and feel a sense of connection so we don't feel like the rug is being pulled out from under us.

Try walking around the house in bare feet as well and take time to breathe slowly and deeply.

Take care and keep positive.

In the Kriya Dharma


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