Summary of Cooking the Yoga Sutras


Sutras 1-12, Book 2-Sadhana Pada

The Yoga of Spiritual Action


Video 1: Summary A

Video 2: Summary B



How the Sutras Relate to the Kitchen

1. What is kriya yoga?                                           ~The mind speaks in symbols:the affects of the astral lemon



2. Lists the results of kriya yoga                             ~5:1  5 kleshas to remove and 1 to promote, Samadhi 6 tastes



3. They are ignorance, egoism, attraction,               ~Illustrated by 5 fingers making pastry

         aversion, clinging to life   


4. Ignorance is the source of other 4                       ~Soup for active, dormant, suspended, attentuated kleshas



5. Ignorance is 1st klesha                                       ~Humpty Dumpty and egg mayo



6. Egoism is 2nd klesha                                          ~Leavened bread (chapattis)   



7. Attraction is 3rd klesha                                       ~Chocolate bread and butter pudding



8. Aversion is the 4th klesha                                   ~Butter chicken or seitan..."CHICKEN !!"



9. Clinging to life is the 5th chakra                          ~Long life is good. Noodles symbolize this.



10. When kleshas are weak, sever them.                 ~Grapes turn to raisins, can't be planted again.



11. Kleshas are to be destroyed by meditation.        ~Like a soufflé, we can implode on ourselves.  



12. Karma is rooted in the kleshas                          ~Honey lives on long after our physical body.


"Receive this food.

It comes from thee.

It feeds thy temple.

We are the petals of thy manifestation, but thou art the flower."




You can print this and stick it on the fridge to help you remember and live the sutras.